Pricing, Packages & Value Proposition

Get it right and earn what you're worth

  • 1
    Showcase Your Skills
    • Showcasing Your Skills
    • Identifying Your Skills
    • Skills Questionnaire
  • 2
    Identifying Your Target Market
    • Identifying Your Target Market
    • Questionnaire: Identifying Your Target Market
  • 3
    How To Package Your Skills
    • Packaging Your Skills
    • Packaging Your Skills
  • 4
    How To Earn What You're Worth
    • Earn What You're Worth
    • Income and Pricing Calculator
  • 5
    Profiling Your Ideal Client
    • Profiling Your Ideal Client
    • Who Is Your Ideal Client?
  • 6
    How To Create Your Support and Service Packages
    • Packaging Your Services
    • Packaging Your Services
    • Packaging Your Bespoke Monthly Support
  • 7
    Creating Your Value Proposition
    • Creating Your Value Proposition
    • The Value Proposition Canvas

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About The Creator

  • Louise Lee

    Administrative Consultant

    Louise Lee

    I'm an accredited Private Secretary with a passion for technology and since 1991 I've been helping businesses improve the way they do things, administratively. In 2010 I set up Saunders & Lee and discovered that the learning curve of starting a business is huge! I spent a lot of time researching and a lot of time learning. There's so much information available and it's often difficult to see how it relates to your business. Particularly when you don't think you have a niche service. I've been in the same situation and that's why this programme walks you through the nuts and bolts of setting up a business as well as how to package and price your services and products. This programme is Saunders & Lee and it contains everything I've learned since 2010..